The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 18 through Aug. 24 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Melody Russell to Jonathan C. Taube.

Seaview Leasing LLC to Nyssa Compoginis.

Preston A. Ward to Lola MacRae Snell and David Louis Snell.

Judith B. Judkins to Thomas W. Hawksley, Danielin P. Hawksley and Richard W. Hawksley.

Ronald N. Mullen to Stacy J. Feldmann and Douglas G. Boyd.

Paul W. Overgaag and Brynna Ledyard to 33 Backstreet LLC and Thirty Three Backstreet LLC.

Paul W. Overgaag and Brynna Ledyard to 169 Searsport LLC and One Hundred Sixty Nine Searsport LLC.

Zara Wallace Trust to Allison S. Piper.


Richard G. Giroux to Tina L. Sanders and Steven Marriner II.

Town of Belmont to Matthew Philip Lincoln and Philip M. Lincoln.

Leah Korin Ward, Philip M. Lincoln and Matthew Philip Lincoln to Philip M. Lincoln and Matthew Philip Lincoln.

Albert B. Sturrup and Kim L. Shelley to Albert B. Sturrup Trust.

Albert B. Sturrup III and Kim L. Shelley to Albert B. Sturrup Trust.

Albert B. Sturrup III and Kim L. Shelley to Albert B. Sturrup Trust.

Albert B. Sturrup III, Kim L. Shelley and Albert B. Sturrup to Albert B. Sturrup Trust.


Leroy Slagle and Cathleen Slagle to Cliff Road LLC.

Andrew R. Haskell Est. to Carmen M. Gauthier.


Joseph R. Lourey Jr. and Jeanne L. Lourey to Joseph & Jeanne Lourey Trust.


Richard I. Kenney and Dorothy M. Kenney to Muriel Ellen Martin.


Rhoda L. Waller to Halcyon Ridge LLC.

Richard A. Mead to Tom F. Harms.


W. Page Clarke Clason to Antonia Clark Halstead and Elliot Daniel John Halstead.

Cami C. Richards and Matthew A. Richards to Craig S. Delaney II.

Walter K. Cooley and Trudie P. Cooley to Harland G. Turner III.


Elaine Hustus  and Dale O. Hustus to Krysta Hustus and Donald Hustus.


Synthesis Properties LLC to Sky Flowers and James Flowers.

Hayden V. Sheldon, Brooke C. Sheldon and Gregory Ryan to Britney N. Rhine and Evan Lautzenheiser.


Robin Y. Brawn and Jeffrey F. Brawn to Luke Olson.

Donna M. Schwartz to Timothy Joseph Schwartz.

Rose Lowell and Rosanne Lowell to Rosanne Lowell and Melissa Ann McPhee.


Bucktail LLC to Holly Brown and Matthew Brown.

John M. Eder and Tina M. Eder to John Gibbs and Katherine Loblein.


Roy E. Siegfriedt to Julianne Siegfriedt, Rachael Siegfriedt, Abigail Bryant and Barbara J. Piotti.


Todd N. Greeley to Todd N. Greeley and Anna E. Greeley.

Kenneth L. Shatel Est. to Torey A. Benjamin.

Rebecca G. Macom Est. to Earl R. Macom Est.

No Location

Douglas L. Sherman to Douglas Lee Sherman II.


Childrens Trust to Lisa Foxwell.

Childrens Trust to Elizabeth Foxwell.

Childrens Trust to Wendy F. Bolding.

Childrens Trust to Taylor Foxwell.

Childrens Trust to Karen Foxwell.

Louis M. Truman to Gregory P. Pugh and Daniel B. MacNaughton.


Stephen L. Haskell Est. to Stephen E. Haskell, Susan G. Cote and Shirley A. Irish.

Stephen E. Haskell, Susan Haskell Cote, Shirley A. Irish and Susan G. Cote to Evan Davenport and Reagan Davenport.

Deborah E. Wolozin and Robert L. Morrison to Deborah E. Wolozin and Robert L. Morrison.

Frank L. Woodworth to Coady N. LaGasse and Olivia J. Burke.

Leonard P. Beaumier Est. to Leonard P. Beaumier Revocable Trust.


Glenwood C. Bennett and Donna Bennett to Eric Bagley.


Peter P. Misluk Jr. to Taylor David Benner and Emma Juliet Badams.

Traci L. Allen and Matthew Allen to John McCafferty II.


Laray Hamilton, Larue Hamilton and Larry Hamilton to 140 Mt. Ephraim LLC and One Hundred Forty Mt. Ephraim LLC.

George A. Russell to George A. Russell and Rochelle Annette Russell.

Nola P. Jackson, Nola Jackson and Jamie M. Jackson to Nola P. Jackson Revocable Trust of 2022.

Tina M. Rantala and Tina M. Dickey to Andrew J. Ryder.

P. James Nicholson and Faye W. Nicholson to Idalia Q. Bourne and Geoffrey D. Bourne.

Stockton Springs

Ocean View Terrace LLC and Ocean View Terrace Inc. to Jack Malec.

Janet T. Waters and Frank T. Waters to Nan B. Hicks Family Trust.


Michael Vassallo to Josiah J. Eikelboom.

SABR 2004-OP1 and Wells Fargo Bank National Association TR to SABR 2004-OP1 and Wells Fargo Bank National Association TR.


Chris A. Banker to Chris Banker and Catherine Banker.

Robert D. Ladd to Calvin R. Preston.


Ricky V. Bagley to Devan Cunningham.


Barbara A. Raven and Barbara A. Reynolds to Barbara Raven Irrevocable Real Estate Trust.

Una Mae Plumley Est. to Timothy J. Dowd Est.


Alice E. Beckett to Larry J. Hess.


Jennifer R. Baron and Eric J. Baron to Sarah E. Risser and Lewis A. Dyer IV.