BELFAST — We might have seen this coming.

Passy Pete, the less-than loquacious lobster that predicts whether Belfast residents will have an extended summer, stunned a crowd gathered to hear his annual Labor Day forecast.

Winter is coming.

Passy Pete predicts there will NOT be six more weeks of summer. Photo by Jim Leonard

A collective groan audible throughout Waldo County was heard as Belfast Baron David Crabiel read the scroll containing the bad news, a scroll Passy Pete had selected without hesitation with a wave of his crusher claw.

Many in the crowd felt that spectacular summer weather might bait the boisterous bug into a friendlier forecast, but it was not to be.

The ceremony, in its eighth year, was held at Belfast’s Heritage Park under gray skies and light drizzle, perhaps a harbinger of the prediction. Pete seemed irritated when his handlers, the Belfast barons, arrived to escort his custom harbor condo to the ceremony and the throng of Passy Pete patrons.

Passy Pete selects a scroll under the watchful eye of the Belfast barons. Photo by Jim Leonard

Pete wasted little time in issuing his prediction before posing for photos and returning to the bay. When asked about his prediction, Passy Pete declined comment, pointing again to the scroll with an antenna.

Belast barons return Passy Pete to his custom, cold water condo. Photo by Jim Leonard

As onlookers discussed Pete’s prediction, and their favorite lobster salad recipes, Pete’s handlers hustled him to the briny deep for another year of crustacean contemplation.