BELFAST — On Sunday, Sept. 18, at 4 p.m., the public is invited to a live multi-media event at the Colonial Theatre, 163 High St., as Belfast author Elizabeth Garber presents her newest book. This, her second memoir, is entitled “Sailing on the Edge of Disaster: A Memoir of a Young Woman’s Daring Year” and tells the story of how a bookish teen and her younger brother are sent by their domineering father to a school on a sailing ship to “shape up.”

Elizabeth Garber

The siblings not only discover the rigors and joys of being at sea while learning to scour decks, splice lines and climb rigging, but also survive piracy, a near sinking, and being held hostage by gunboats. This book chronicles a transformative year in the throes of adolescence that leads to courage, grace and a reclamation of selfhood.

There is no admission charge for this presentation that includes film and music, which will be followed by a book signing and sales. As the final live event on the stage of Colonial’s Dreamland auditorium under their ownership, Therese Bagnardi and Mike Hurley are delighted to have Garber’s book that harkens back to the swashbuckling movies shown at the theater over many decades… yo-ho!

Elizabeth Garber and her shipmates learned to climb the rigging on their school ship. Courtesy of Elizabeth Garber

Seventeen-year-old bookish Elizabeth Garber and her 14-year-old brother Woodie were sent to a school on a sailing ship by their father, so they would “shape up and learn to work.” Courtesy of Elizabeth Garber