It’s been a busy summer, and a good one. More and more, I’m aware of how privileged and fortunate I am. I live in a beautiful place in a state that so far has been less damaged by climate change than many. I have a spouse and two dogs who love me, more than enough to eat, a good home, health insurance, a reliable car, money for vacations. And the list goes on.

And then there are the less tangible things. Sitting on the deck listening to the birds as we eat dinner. The view from the hill behind our house. Seeing Jupiter and Saturn next to each other in the sky when I get up in the middle of the night. The smell of pine trees on a hot day.

I spent a couple of days with the pruning shears cutting down all the unruly growth around our deck and on one side of the house, partly with the idea that we might paint the deck before the weather turns, but also because it’s just good to get all that stuff cut down so it can grow up again next year. Anyway, among all the wildflowers, I uncovered a bunch of blackberry loaded with berries. I don’t know how it produced so much fruit, since it was completely shaded from the sun, but there they were, big and juicy and sweet. Yard work never tasted so good!

This summer we bought a new wading pool for our dog Rosie, who enjoyed jumping in after toys or pebbles tossed in the water, then jumping out again. She’s curious, but not a swimmer. Her favorite part is filling the pool with the hose: She likes to drink from the running water. The pool came with several foam squeaky toys that she likes having tossed in the pool so she can fetch them.

Rosie has also enjoyed coming to the Town Office with me a few times. She always runs around and checks things out, jumps up on me and gets generally excited when we arrive, and then settles down after a while to nap behind my chair. She likes the low windows that let her see out if she stands up on her back legs. Customers often comment on her and most are glad to see her. When we get home after a morning at work, she takes a nap. Apparently, it’s exhausting being available to your public.

The last couple of days of August we spent in Ogunquit. I admit, I was skeptical when Maureen said she wanted to go there in the height of tourist season and stay right on the beach, but it clearly meant something to her, so I jumped on board. We looked at a few different places and found nothing we could afford — it’s possible to spend a lot of money on a room in Ogunquit — and were about to give up. Since we hadn’t yet looked on Airbnb, I figured we might as well check there, and, what do you know, there was a room in the motel that’s right on the beach, which was apparently privately owned. It was (sort of) in our price range, so we snagged it. That was toward the end of July.

A month later, we drove to the resort town, checked in, got our keys and went to unload the car. As we walked in, I noticed that the bed looked rather small. It was advertised as a queen, and probably was, but I wondered if the two of us would be comfortable sharing it. Silently, I reminded myself it would only be for two nights. I started putting the food we’d brought into the room’s fridge, and a drop of water fell on the back of my head. Drip! Thirty seconds later there was another one. Drip! I looked up, and there was an area maybe four inches square that looked saturated with water, and I could see where it was coming through. I began to wonder how this getaway was going to go.

After we moved the car, we stopped by the office to let them know about the leak, and were told they would call maintenance to take care of it. They were as good as their word. Soon a young man with an Eastern European accent turned up to look at the leak. He went away again, returned, dabbed at the leak with a towel and said he would have to call a plumber to fix it.

We strolled down the walkway in front of the block of rooms we were in to look at the view and as we were returning, here was the young man again, seeming excited. He said he was going to take us to another room and would help us move our gear. The other room was much nicer, he said, and we would like it. He took me to see it and it was, indeed, a much nicer room than the one we’d rented, even without the leak.

On the way to transfer our luggage, our rescuer took credit for the room upgrade, and we were happy to let him have it. Our new quarters boasted a balcony with a view of the ocean, a bigger bed and a large shower with not one but two shower heads, a big one that was fixed toward the back and a hand-held sprayer at the front. We’d lucked out!

We had a couple of nice dinners a lovely day on the broad town beach Tuesday and sat at the edge of the beach watching the dusk come on in the evening. It was a very nice time, throngs of other beachgoers notwithstanding.

I hope you had good summer adventures too, and that you have things to look forward to this fall.

Sarah E. Reynolds is a former editor of The Republican Journal.