We support Jan Dodge’s reelection to the Maine House. Jan has been a champion for students, educators and working families. She was instrumental in supporting the long overdue 55% state funding for Maine’s public schools.

Jan wrote legislation to provide nutritious school meals for all students. We know how important it is for students to have access to good nutritious meals. No child should ever be hungry due to a lack of resources.

Jan supported retired teacher cost of living increases to teacher pensions so that educators can retire with dignity. These are just a few examples of important legislation that she directly sponsored or supported.

Jan actively works with representatives from both sides of the aisle to find legislative solutions that support working families. She meets with constituents, listens to their challenges and advocates for commonsense change in legislation.

We appreciate her enthusiasm, her passion, and expertise as she represents us in Augusta. Please reelect Jan Dodge to the Maine House. She’s running to represent Belfast, Belmont, and Northport in District 39. Jan has a proven track record of getting the job done in Augusta!

Gerry and Beth French