I am speaking up for Stephen Hemenway (Belfast area), Ben Hymes (Swanville/Frankfort and beyond), and for county sheriff, Searsport Police Chief Todd Boisvert.

The Constitution secures our natural rights to self-determination and protection of the weak and the innocent. The innocent, not the guilty. The chief has proven he knows the difference!Todd Boisvert has run a large police department and knows the culture and incentives men need to join our law enforcement, and STAY here. The current regime was the reason so many of our county deputies walked away leaving the county ranks understaffed.

Most of our 26 towns don’t have police departments! All we have is the Sheriff’s Office to turn to for help. I feel betrayed by the current sheriff for switching parties. It’s opportunistic and shows a lack of true conviction. I feel very sad.Steve Hemenway is ex-law enforcement, a really decent guy you can have a beer with, and Ben Hymes is bright, capable and ex-military, daring to raise a family in today’s Maine. None of these people are doing it for the paycheck. They believe in goodness.They believe we should always continue to WORK for a MORE perfect union than we, as failing flawed beings, can consistently provide. There are no perfect people, no perfect communities. We will always have to address conflict. They understand that people grow and change, but human nature does not. They will work to hold the line on crime, but make a way for people to change for the better.Patty Keyes