The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 25 through Aug. 31 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Geraldine E. Plamondon Est. to Tammy E. Podgis, Jason W. Plamondon and Tina M. Plamondon Hamilton.

John G. Boynton and Gloria Brown to John G. Boynton and Christopher Boynton.

Charlene Vish to Miles D. Frieden and Alan Kelly-Hamm.

Julia Lynn Olson to Waldo County Community Action Partners.


Nina H. Graham Socha and Maxwell J. Graham to Lesia Sochor.


Robert Wayne Helsel III to Brent Dow.


Andrea Saunders and James Beaird to Corbin Schiner.

Robert S. Beal and Kathleen C. Beal to Robert S. Beal, Kathleen C. Beal, Michael C. Beal and Wendy Beal.


Michael O’Neil, Karen A. O’Neil and Karen Vickery O’Neil to Wendy W. Burki.


Wade M. Furrow and Wade Furrow to Wade M. Furrow and Diane R. Friend.

Andrew R. Haskell Est. to Jean M. Billerbeck.


William G. Cleaves and Alexander William Cleaves to Twenty Five Capital LLC.


Edward E. Steele Revocable Trust and Judith L. Papian Revocable Trust to Nicole Dauteuil Revocable Trust.

Timothy D. Birnstiel and Jennifer L. Birnstiel to Birnstiel Family Trust.


Maureen L. Palmer and Charles L. Palmer to Gregory Hills.

Norman Kirby and April Kirby to Alan Thrall and Kathleen Thrall.


Robert E. Cole and Jean Cole to Jennifer Susan Jenkins.


Frank L. Woodworth to Edward E. Fredrikson Jr. and Dianna L. Fredrikson.

Bruce W. Davis to Ariel Martinez and Elizabeth Martinez.

Judy L. Sherman and Kirk A. Sherman to Jacob Michael Houghton.

Kenneth E. Lewis Est. to Diane L. Lewis.


Rebecca I. McIntire to Edward W. Derhak and Sydney Rebecca Derhak.


Susanne M. Rivers and Almon Duncan Rivers to Walter Roderick Cofield Jr. and Sara Jean Rivers Cofield.

Margaret A. Knight to Rachel Renee Barnes and Katherine June Warren.

Frances A. Hunter and Carl R. Jones to Eric L. Miller.

Stockton Springs

Ernest D. Kalinisan to Ernest D. Kalinisan, Sandra Kalinisan, Ashley S. Kalinisan, Dawn W. Reynolds and Lisa A. Stanley.

Broughman Builders Inc. to Zachary Daniel Hewins and Julia Fletcher Hewins.

Town of Stockton Springs to Daniel J. Ford

Kozak Living Trust to Stephen Peter Callaghan and Shobhna Callaghan.

Clyde L. Brooks to Jeffrey Robert Siemer and Gerald Mark Dunn.


Joseph D. McDevitt to Lisa A. Rediker.

James H. Lenfest Jr. Est. to Alexander L. Baker and Susan J. Baker.

Brian J. Geary, Brian Geary, Karen A. Geary and Karen Geary to Eric Bednorz.


William Collins Taylor and Elizabeth Savery Taylor to Joshua Watson.


Thurlow A. Farmer, Jami Farmer and Jami Oakes to Christopher Cronin.


Kimberly Bassett and Hauns Bassett to Everett A. Brown and Alyssa R. Brown.


Victoria Olson and Stephen B. Ellis to Victoria Olson and Stephen B. Ellis.

Diane E. Miles, Donald F. Miles and Tyler R. Miles to Bruce Peters.


John Walker to Maine Construction LLC.

Hope Richards to Shelley Clough and Robert Clough.

Steven A. J. Bossie and Beverly S. Bossie to April Ann Mahon.

Meridee Worcester to George A. Black Jr.

Vanessa Garcia to Christopher J. Weymouth and Nicole L. Pacheco.

William O. Wilcox Jr. Est. to Fiddlehead Properties LLC.

Shawn Haley, Sandra Dobak and Sandra Haley to Jeremy Edwards.