The COVID scourge has reared its ugly head and several people in town have tested positive, which led the Frankfort Congregational Church to cancel services for Sunday, Sept. 11. Given the five-day quarantine period, and trusting that no one else tests positive, we plan on resuming services on Sunday, Sept. 18.

One thing about this particular variant is that while very contagious, it (mostly) causes mild symptoms, so for that we can be thankful.

We had a five-star weather weekend here in Frankfort and it’s hard to believe that it is already mid-September. But signs of fall are present. Red maples, especially in low-lying, wet areas show signs of red. Farmstands brim with lots of locally produced offerings and it’s fun to drive around and pick up a few things from each stand.

Perchin’ prediction

The purposeful lowering of water at Swan Lake has put the boat landing almost out of water, precluding launching any but the tiniest of boats. Also, the river below the dam, open year-round, is low and full of mud because of work on the dam. Say goodbye to fall fishing.

But other lakes are still fishable. I’m headed to Silver Lake in Bucksport for some white-perch fishing. September ranks among the best months for these tasty fighters.

History note

Bangor Daily, Jan. 8, 1912: “A northern Maine schoolmarm recently drove a bear out of the schoolyard with a club. She says she’s afraid of nothing but men and she isn’t so all-fired afraid of them.”

Weekly quote

“September blows soft, till the fruit’s in the loft.” — Old English saying