Ah! September! My favorite month in Maine, or anywhere. It’s a birthday month for me, my brother Chris, Al Meister. Happy birthday to all the September babies.

At the moment I am enjoying a weekend away on a knitting retreat at Sebasco Harbor Resort. Nancy and I came down for the amazingly talented knitting teachers, Patty Lyons, Gudrun Johnston, Cecilia Campochario, and our very own Bristol Ivy hailing from Bangor.

If you have not been to this resort, it is absolutely lovely. There is a saltwater pool sitting atop the rocks right on Casco Bay — it very well could be warm enough to get in this afternoon! We had a short hike up Merritt Mountain this morning. There is a golf course and bicycle rentals as well. It all has a very old-worldy feel to it. Most of all, we’re enjoying socializing with knitters who flew in from all over the country.


Deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Emma Lowe. Emma and Skip were such a big part of our community for so many years. I spent untold hours hanging around the San-Hi-Mar pizza place back in the day. And how wonderful is it to see Emma and Skip’s granddaughter, Iris, with her hubby, at Cal’s Food Truck in the very same spot!

Emma and Skip were hard workers but also loved their fun. Who all enjoyed an afternoon at the races when they held the Jackson Corn Cob in their fields? I know we did! No-holds-barred, anything-goes, you better hope you had bars on your car! The end of an era. They are and will be missed.

Obsolete Pesticide Collection

This great program, sponsored by the Board of Pesticides Control and the Department of Environmental Protection, organizes collection points for homeowners, non-corporate farmers and greenhouse operators, to drop off banned and/or unusable pesticides. For the October collection cycle you must register by Sept. 26. To take advantage of this great program you may enroll online at: https://appengine.egov.com/apps/me/dacf/pesticideinventory.

Or, if you prefer a paper copy, please contact the BPC at 287-2731, or email them at pesticides@maine.gov. There will be collection points in Bangor and Augusta, but the final date in October and times will be confirmed after registering.

Town Office

You’ll notice that the Route 7 bridge repair bypass lane is now open. Hopefully those that fly along Route 7 and ignore that temporarily traffic light will now notice they’ll be nose-down into the river bed if they don’t stop.

Please note that it is important to get your metals into the metal bin as far forward as possible — otherwise the gate end gets stuffed and the front end is still relatively empty. Maybe try pulling up alongside the dumpster, if you’ve got a pickup, and heave your metals over the side. But definitely do not leave your metals sitting on the tarmac next to the metals bin. This creates a hazard and more work for others.

Please also note, the town of Jackson is not authorized to accept construction debris in the regular trash dumpsters — not drywall, not wall-to-wall carpet, not insulation. Please wait until Brown Goods Day to dispose of these type of items.

The next Select Board meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 6:30 p.m.