BELFAST — At its Sept. 6 meeting, the City Council set a work session for Oct. 11 to discuss plans for the Belfast Yards property at 45 Front St.

The city had originally returned to discussion of the matter at its Aug. 16 meeting, after a two-year hiatus in discussions.

Mayor Eric Sanders said he wanted to discuss the issue further at the Sept. 6 meeting because he felt there had been some positive conversations on the topic at the council’s previous meeting.

Prior to the Sept. 6 meeting, Councilor Mike Hurley provided an email to the council and The Republican Journal regarding his thoughts on the project.

In his letter Hurley suggested that the council and the city’s planning department develop a broad initial request for preliminary proposals that address a litany of major concerns including: overall goals, management of the process, no guarantee of city action or proposal award by the city, financial capability, dates certain, addressing flood plain issues, parking, design requirements, shared access, shared utilities, engineering, integration with other areas of the city, height, materials, uses, ownership, short-term rental rules and lot size.

During the meeting, Hurley suggested setting a work session to more fully discuss the issues.

Councilor Paul Dean said he is in favor of doing something with the property, but wanted to know from Code and Planning Director Bub Fournier about the elevation of the Harborwalk with respect to the flood zone. Dean said specifically he was asking because he would like to see businesses be able to use the first floor of their buildings. At the previous meeting in August, Fournier had said that no business could use the first floor of a business in that area because of the floodplain issues.

At the Sept. 6 meeting, Fournier said businesses could do what another business in the area did and bring in 18-24 inches of fill to allow the business to use its first floor.