It was a problem for New England’s original  residents when my ancestors  showed up on Cape Cod in the 1630s.  Fortunately for my ancestors, the original residents were more hospitable than DeSantis or Abbott.
Curiously, immigration is the nutritional supplement that enhances civilization. Thanks to immigrants, most people on Earth no longer live in the Stone Age, Bronze Age, or Iron Age. Thanks to immigration in the ancient Middle East, we have a religion that encourages everyone to “love thy neighbor as thyself” instead of “enslave or kill thy neighbor.”
Thanks to more recent immigrants, we have railroads and highways and modern medicine. But thanks to the original New Englanders, who had been here since the glaciers retreated, we also have a better appreciation of ecology.
The problem is not “immigration.”  The problem is that we are a species incapable of controlling our population growth.  In that respect, we differ little from insects.
William Burgess Leavenworth