Jan Dodge continues to serve as an effective and engaged legislator wonderfully representing the people of Waldo County.

Recently, I was with Rep. Dodge when she was visiting Waldo County people, going door to door. Rep. Dodge stopped by the home of an older lady, whom she knew to have health problems. The lady’s car was in the driveway, but there was no response to Rep. Dodge’s knock. A friend of the lady was on the porch, expecting to meet the lady to go shopping. Rep Dodge tried to call the lady. No answer. She called a family member. No answer. Rep. Dodge became concerned about this woman’s welfare and stayed there until the woman’s safety and well-being could be verified.

That’s the kind of legislator I want representing me in Augusta. Concerned and focused on the well-being of people in Waldo County.  Rep. Dodge is a serious person for serious times. I’ll be voting to reelect Rep. Jan Dodge with confidence in November.

Michael Towey