The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 8, 2022, through Sept. 14, 2022, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Ursula M. Munro and Ryen G. Munro to Darryl C. Allen and Stewart C. W. Allen.

Randall W. & Jaqueline E. Curtis Irrevocable Trust to Ingraham 2006 Revocable Trust.

Charles B. Easley to Alicia Nelson.

Elizabeth M. Thebarge to Elizabeth M. Thebarge and Gary P. Thebarge.

John B. Lightner and Denise Pendleton to David R. Pratt and Amy C. Bird.

Michelle L. Ridley to Kelly Baker and Matthew Baker.

Norman B. Moulton to Sylvia Moulton.


Kenneth M. Weymouth to Sally Marie Miles and Tyler R. Miles.


Brent Dow to Flynn Real Estate Group LLC.

Jem Trust to Terrance W. Marks.

Jem Trust to Terrance W. Marks.

Jem Trust to Timothy I. Marks.

Jem Trust to Timothy I. Marks.


Scott Martin to Robert Joseph Veino.


Constance N. Hatch to Rebecca E. Tracy and Arthur B. Tracy.


Margaret W. Pulliam Est. to Alexander C. Nevens.

Alexander C. Nevens to Alexander C. Nevens.

Alexander C. Nevens to Alexander C. Nevens and and Rachel L. Nevens.


Jane Heald to Ski House 141 LLC.

Frederick A. Heald to Ski House 141 LLC.

George W. Heald Trust to Ski House 141 LLC.


Gertrude A. Thompson Est. to Robert J. Lowell and Laura L. Lowell.


Ivan P. Wentworth Est. to Paula J. Kimball-Vigue and Gary Paul Wentworth.


Michael D. Savage to Jason Jones.

Brynn Anderson to Gobind Singh Khalsa and Danielle Knight.

Avis I. Rairigh to Bobbi M. Johnson and Avis I. Winchester.


Panek Family Irrevocable Trust to Maria Panek O’Rourke.


David Messenger Custodial Trust to Ryan Taylor and Hannah Taylor.

Charles N. Blanchard Jr. and Corinne R. Blanchard to Richard A. Erb and Shannon F. Erb.

Virginia E. Dehler and Jon Dehler to Carolyn Canning and Maurice Trundy.

Todd M. Mason to Peter K. Mason and Margo B. Mason.

Peter K. Mason and Margo B. Mason to Todd M. Mason.

Stockton Springs

Nadeau Trust to Siemionko Family Trust.


David L. Jones to Preston Ward.


Suzanne French to John Carter.


Town of Unity to Maria Quintana.

Richard Galipeau Est. to Charlene K. Balser.

Brenda J. Drew and Roger E. Drew Jr. to Kimberly Lynne Drew.


Charlene Read to Nickies Revocable Family Trust.

Claire E. McHatton and Robert T. McHatton to Claire E. McHatton.


Joseph W. Tyler and Deborah A. Tyler to Brenna Susan Burnside and Bradley Joseph Murray.

Cory Wells to Jeremy John Hempeler.