Greetings, Brooks. Fall is finally here!

On Sept. 10, Doris McDougall, 95, became the latest recipient of the Brooks Boston Cane. After a small ceremony at the Town Office, Doris enjoyed a reception at Ralph’s Cafe with three of her five children, many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, longtime friends and Brooks neighbors in attendance.

Doris has been spending summers in Brooks since 1998 (visiting her daughter regularly since 1979) and became a full-time resident in 2015. She lives with her daughter and son-in-law, Roxy and Steve Hall. Doris’ favorite aspects of Brooks include performances at the Marsh River Theater, craft fairs, community suppers, the Senior Spectrum day program and the family and community that surround her every day.

Doris was born in Massachusetts in 1926, the 10th of 11 siblings. She recalls “playing all the time — the war was on but it was over not too long after I grew up.” She was a real Rosie the Riveter at a plant in Massachusetts and came to Maine in 1945 when she married William McDougall III. She says she was the only one of her siblings “smart enough or brave enough” to move to Maine.

Doris worked in a potato plant in Washburn for many years. In 1964, she and her husband moved their family to Hermon and opened the KOA campground. In 1986 they retired to Howland, and for most of the ’90s, they spent a good part of the year on the road traveling to flea markets around the country.

After having worked so hard her whole adult life, Doris says her secret to longevity is simply to “take it easy” — words to live by. Congratulations Doris!

Members of Mount View Class of 1965, pictured Sept. 18, are: front row, Donald Nickerson, Bill Bryant, Anita Pease, Georgia Trask, Luella Merrifield and Roger Raven; second row, Joan Splittorff, Sharon Turner, Aloma Jackson, Jackie Ingraham, Rosemary Pillsbury, Sharon Spaulding and Bruce Jean; third row, Andy Reed, Julie Burwell, Annalee Wright, Janice Gordon, Susan Creighton and Royce Furrow; and fourth row, Ray Winship, Tony Grotton, George Call, Chuck Burwell and Sonny Lorom. Courtesy of Lynda Oliver


The Mount View Class of 1965 held its 57th anniversary reunion Sept. 18 at the Varney Memorial Building in Brooks.

The town sexton reminds us that, according to the town’s Cemetery Ordinance, all summer decorations are to be removed prior to Oct. 1. All winter decorations are to be removed prior to May 1. As soon as flowers, wreaths, emblems, etc., become unsightly and faded, they will be removed.

The town will place flags on veterans’ graves in accordance with state law. Families may also place flags.

All cemetery lots in Brooks cemeteries are provided with perpetual care, which includes mowing and lawn care at regular intervals during the summer (May 10-July 30) and then periodically through Oct. 15, depending on grass height.

The Brooks Rec Department will hold its final meeting prior to Halloween on Monday, Oct. 3, at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Office. Please plan to attend if you’d like to help with the town Halloween event.

Until next time … peace.

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