I’ve been hearing from folks on East Waldo Road some frustration and surprise that the crew that worked on the small section of road near the old potato property never came back to cover the fabric they put down over the additional material they brought in, that the shoulders they created with the added material are so steep and potentially unsafe, that there is no clear crown in the road (an issue that repeatedly comes up in Waldo), and that the spray-painted rock will now be that way forever. The wooden stakes were also left in. No one has heard anything about whether or not more work is planned.

A smiley face appeared on a boulder on this stretch of East Waldo Road after a road crew made repairs. Photo by Sadie Lloyd Mudge

When I first saw the rock spray-painted with the smiley face I thought it was fun, but then I quickly realized it would never go away and it’s pretty tacky for a road crew, whom the town has to pay good money to, to deface a rural neighborhood like that.

It feels like a “traditional” fall this year, with early cool nights, lots of sunny days, the real heat finally gone, and the return of the Common Ground Fair. I already miss the daylight that fades much faster than I’d like it to lately, but the shift to fall is perhaps my favorite moment all year.

The last week of August we were camping Down East and our weather station here recorded an overnight low of 40 degrees; the lowest it has been since. I imagine by the time this is printed in the paper we may have gotten lower.

Cover up your favorite dahlias if you’re looking to enjoy the last few blooms; otherwise savor the shift to less work outside that a good frost often brings.

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