Let me preface this letter by saying I’m a conservative Republican. I’m that because I believe in a strong border, the right to life, and the strength of family.
I met Stephen J. Hemenway several times and he told me that when he saw the legislation pushed by Jan Dodge to keep parents from listening to their children’s classes while online learning is being conducted, well he got my attention.
We have seen what the left’s agenda and the NEA’s agenda toward parents is: labeling them as domestic terrorists. Jan Dodge supports a version of this by wanting to exclude parents from knowing what their children are being taught.
The greatest gift given to men and women is their children. They belong to them, not the teachers unions or the government. This is why I support Stephen J. Hemenway in this November’s election.
We must protect our children from anything or anybody indoctrinating them with an agenda or mindset that undermines family.
Thank you.
Alva Philbrook