I am pleased to write in support of Margaret English-Flanagan who is running for state representative in District 37, which includes Winterport, Stockton Springs, Searsport, Frankfort and Prospect.
I am honored to serve as her treasurer because I know she has the maturity, sense of moderation and the people skills to work with others across the political landscape for the benefit of everyone in this district, if not beyond. She also has the energy and time to serve us well, as she has demonstrated in her thoughtful service on the Winterport Town Council.
It is noteworthy that she has many supporters from across the political spectrum, including “the other side of the aisle.” It’s abundantly clear this is because she really does work for everyone, regardless of their political leanings or party. I strongly encourage the voters of District 37 to vote for Ms. English-Flanagan this fall.
Charles F. Pattavina, M.D.