The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 15, 2022, through Sept. 21, 2022, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Julie W. Wood and Alan M. Wood to Fifty Seven Church LLC and 57 Church LLC.

Michael Mainstruck and Lisa M. Marcouillier to Nicholas Apollonio.

Robert L. Germain Jr. Revocable Trust to Howard Grossman and Doreen Antonucci.

Mary G. Salvatore to Nicholas J. Salvatore and Sonja Salvatore.

Eric M. Green to Eric M. Green and Amanda Marie Green.

Bert H. Axelson and Michele Axelson to Kevin Smatlak.

Thomas J. Milne and Lisa M. Milne. To TL Milne Properties LLC.


Daniel T. Hills and Anita Hills to Zebulon Hills.

Barbara A. Emery to Avary Otis.


Kim M. Zahares and Kim M. Cashman to Justin D. Gordon and Ellen M. Williamson.

Claudette Aurie to Mark A. Sheldon and Ginger L. Sheldon.

Karen L. Paradis and Karen L. Paradis-Hews to Karen L. Paradis.

US Bank Trust National Association TR, VRMTG Asset Trust and Valerie M. Page-Putnam to US Bank Trust National Association TR and VRMTG Asset Trust.


Kendall Call and Vicky Call to Steven R. Gagnon.


Camden National Bank, Clayton W. Rancourt III and Clayton W. Rancourt to Shawna L. McNamara and Kevin S. McNamara.

Onel Clifton Stevens Jr. Est to GEL Properties LLC.

David B. Major to Robert A. McKenna and Susan E. McKenna.

Loretta Knowlton to Kimberly Amaro.


Joseph C. Sears to Shawn Sears.


James Davidson and Patricia A. Brown to Melissa Schneider.

Kelly Jean Richards to Jeffrey Jones and Tracey Jones.


Susan W. Longley Trust to Susan W. Longley.

Harold J. Keegan and Carol J. Keegan to Harold J. and Carol J. Keegan Real Estate Trust.

Laurie E. Day to Ryan James Day.


George S. Underhill to Karen Beaubien and Richard W. Anderson.

Edmund E. Brown and Deborah J. Brown to Andrew David Marchetti.

Gerald H. Chalmers to Marshall Holdings LLC.

Robin E. Chace Payson and Robin E. Chace to Susan L. Chace.

Mary Jane Schotte to Mary Jane Schotte Trust.


Travis C. Lane to Jay Ditullio and Kelli Ditullio.

James A. Ruebeck to Duke Tomlin and Madeline Tomlin.

Kelli Ditullio and Jay Dutullio to April Hutchinson.


Julie A. McPherson and Julie A. Flanagan to Gregory Frechette and Carol A. Frechette.

No Location

Susan W. Longley to Elinor Goldberg and Susan W. Longley Trust.

Mary J. Philbrick to Dean C. Philbrick and Mary J. Philbrick.


Gregory S. Wight to Sarah Rackliffe Bosk and Matthew Paaro Bosk.

Deborah Eaton to Samantha Zinn.

Maine Energy Realty LLC to Dead River Company LLC.

Cary F. Green and Justine F. Green to Lucas E. Scholhamer and Ashley E. Scholhamer.

Carly Zaniboni and Carl Zaniboni to Megan Ann Heffentrager.


Sarah B. Landry, Sarah B. Nichols and Corey J. Landry to Kirk A. Sherman and Judy L. Sherman.


Zona Fuller and Zona Pollard to Dale S. Whitman.

Charles Thompson to James Greeley and Kathleen Greeley.

Graydon Samuel Fellows Est. to Barbara L. Fellows.

Mary Jane Schotte to Mary Jane Schotte Trust.

Donald G. Forman and Jean A. Forman to Michael D. Forman and Darcy L. Forman.

Joseph R. Bizon and Jean M. Bizon to Nicholas C. Winter and Debra J. Mehuren.


Kevin G. Raymond to Rebecca I. McIntire.

Clayton Milo Blood Sr. Est. to Elizabeth C. Volkwein Trust.

Jessica S. Rorick to Corby Morgan Barnes and Hamilton Read Pate.

Elizabeth L. Bowen to Elizabeth L. Bowen and Mary A. Doyon.

Town of Searsport to Dexter Littlefield.

Stockton Springs

William E. Wiley Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Isa Cheren and William L. Garlick.

Mark Thomas and Adele Simpson to Katharine Selberg.

Gary E. Summers to Stephanie Thrift.


Jeanna L. Bonin and Jeanna L. Colby to Bonin Family Trust.


Daniel R. Lombard to David Ettinger and Kristy Howarth.

Ralph D. Krantz III to Christian M. Howe and Lottie G. Howe.


Gordon E. Cheeseman Sr. Est. to David S. Hubbard III and Karen Hubbard.

Gordon E. Cheeseman Sr. Est. to David S. Hubbard III and Karen Hubbard.


Tammy Sweetland to Krystofer Sweetland-Curtis.

Michael Sprague and Mihyon Sprague to Justin C. Sprague.


Shelly Grant and Shelly Grant O’Kendley to Brody D. McKenney and Nina J. McKenney.

Nathan Hobbs to Mandi Rae Nikole Dahn.