Frankfort has a brand-new business. Embroider Me, Custom Embroidery and Sewing, has its grand opening Monday, Oct. 3. Embroider Me is located in the same building as Frankfort Barber Shop, in the center of the village on Route 1A. Their phone number is 954-8699. We wish this new business much success.

A friend told me of a first-time sight going through Frankfort village. Three cars were driving at only 25 miles per hour. And oh, yes, the car in the middle was a state trooper.

We have had some chilly nights lately, with lows down in the 30s. My new heat pump has managed to keep the place warm and comfy. So far so good, I guess.

With the cold, I can safely say that the gardening season has ended. The only thing left in my garden are a few cucumber stragglers, but they are surely doomed. A few bunching onions remain, but they probably won’t grow much now either.

I “won” an antlerless deer permit this year, but was surprised to find out that now, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife has set a $12 fee for permits. Yes, the money will go toward a good cause, but still, it wrankles me to have to pay for something that we did for free for untold years. What will be next, a trout stamp?

Feeders popular

Because of the escalating price of black oil sunflower seed, I bought a bag of cheaper, mixed seed, with cracked corn and regular-size sunflower seeds. And surprise, surprise. The birds fly through this new mix faster than they did the black oil seed. In the end, the cheaper seed may in fact be more expensive.

Weekly quote

“A good October and a good blast, to blow the hog, acorn and mast.” — Old English motto