BELFAST — The Planning Board at its Sept. 28 meeting approved a site plan amendment for the former MBNA/Bank of America property located at 21 Schoodic Drive to sell business condominiums in different buildings on the site.

According to civil engineer Sean Thies with Haley Ward Inc. of Bangor, who has been working with the owner of the property, Penobscot Community Health Care, the idea is to sell off several of the buildings as business condominiums.

Penobscot Community Health Care Chief Safety and Infrastructure Officer Ed Marsh said the biggest driving factor in seeking a condominium set-up is financing. He said currently if the health care company were to seek a loan, any loan would be tied to all of the properties. The idea is to sell off the other buildings located at Schoodic Drive and fill those buildings with other “like minded” entities such as other similar medical businesses or nonprofit entities.

In response to a question from the board, Marsh said the particulars of the condominium association organization are being discussed with the city’s attorney for approval.

Marsh said Seaport Community Health Center has outgrown its current facility in just two years and is relocating to Building 5, Condo 2 at the facility. Building 5 is a 70,000-square-foot structure including both the first and second floors. The downstairs space will be used for 32 exam rooms, a future X-ray facility and a future infusion center. The top floor is for dental and other services.

One question that came up during the discussion was who would be responsible for grounds maintenance and other similar issues. Marsh explained that the individual condo owners would be part of a board that would be responsible and oversee any issues relating to the entirety of the lot, and each would have a share equal to the size of the property they have purchased.

After some discussion on the measure, the board unanimously approved the site plan amendment to allow for the condo set-up.

In other matters, the board approved a use permit for a medical marijuana caregiver retail store to be located at 9 Beaver St. The proposal calls for the store to be open seven days a week between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. with up to three employees.

Applicant Samuel Gessow said that while the application calls for up to three employees, there will only be one or two in the store at any one time.