I am an independent. In one election I was referred to as a “deplorable” and now maybe I’m considered a “homeland terrorist.” No matter what name I am being called, I am one who makes my decisions by what the candidate stands for and his or her character. Needless to say, Gov. Janet Mills won’t be getting my vote.
Some may like illegal immigrants  staying in hotels, getting free health care, and schooling, all on our dime, but I do not. She approved a video offered to school students that teaches them that phrases like MAGA and “all lives matter” are racist and a show for white supremacy.
In the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to a candidate for state representative for District 37, the towns of Prospect, Searsport, Stockton Springs, Winterport and Frankfort. That candidate is an extremely intelligent and qualified  young woman, Reagan Paul. As a small business owner, she will support any pro-jobs and pro-growth policies and reduce government red tape.
Reagan is also an avid outdoors woman and vows to protect our outdoors heritage and preserve our hunting and fishing rights. And she is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights  and our Constitution.
Reagan is also a varsity girls basketball coach and knows our kids deserve to be protected from CRT and hyper-sexualization. She would give parents the right to decide the best education for their children and not the government, unlike other candidates, let’s say Jan Dodge, who directly attacked our parental rights by sponsoring a bill that will prohibit parents from being able to take part in what is being taught to our children. And if caught exercising our civil rights, parents will be fined $200 to $500.
So if you want your children to be taught to be racists, question their gender and more, then Mills and Dodge are for you. But if you live in District 37 and want someone to bring truth, common sense, justice, integrity, economic recovery and liberty back to the state of Maine, you need and should vote for Reagan Paul.
Randall Bryant