To all concerned Waldo County voters:

I have been a lifelong Republican. I am a retired scout executive and own and operate the Senior Planning Center in Belfast and, with Joe Sanborn, More In Guns in Frankfort. I have known Jason Trundy for years, especially through our work together in the Belfast Rotary Club. It gives me immense pleasure to endorse Jason to be our next sheriff for Waldo County.

You may be asking why a lifelong Republican is endorsing a Democrat for any position. In Jason’s case it is quite simple. He is a highly qualified law enforcement professional, who brings years of institutional knowledge of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office to the table and his vision of law enforcement for our county is one of upholding the law while maintaining the dignity of all citizens.

More importantly, he is a man of high moral character and integrity. We can trust and rely on Jason Trundy.

Please join me in supporting and voting for Jason this November.

Greg Morin