I write to offer my enthusiastic support to Jason Trundy’s campaign for Waldo County Sheriff. There are lots of reasons to vote for Jason, and here are two of mine.
First, he understands that crime has many causes, few of which are truly resolved by punishment. Way too many of our friends and neighbors spend weeks, months and even years behind bars for offenses that have little to do with public safety. Or because they can’t make cash bail.
Far better to repair the harm done by crimes than isolate those who have the best chance of making those repairs. In almost all instances, jail is a huge waste of lives and money.
Second, in his years in the Sheriff’s Office, Jason has worked closely with people who have worked for change in the justice system. Several initiatives adopted by the office, including the use of mental health workers in domestic violence cases and enabling those with substance use disorder to receive medication-assisted treatment prior to release, are good examples of effective stewardship.
Jason has listened to those who desire reform in the justice system and is willing to make changes when he sees the benefit. I am confident he will be the forward-looking sheriff Waldo County needs.
Jay Davis