BELFAST — Philomine (Smith) Nickerson passed away peacefully on Sept. 23, 2022, with her husband Ron holding her hand. She was 88 years old.

Philomine was born in Belfast to Mary Ellen (Smalley) and Emile Smith on Feb. 23, 1934. She was the youngest of three daughters.

When the girls were young, Emile passed away, and Mary Ellen had to go to Boston to work to provide for the family. The girls moved into “The Girls Home” in Belfast. Philomine was not accepted into the girls home immediately as she was too young. As the story goes her desire to remain with her sisters was so great that the home made an exception and allowed Philomine to stay with her sisters. Even at a young age, Philomine was a fearless go-getter that knew how to go after and get what she wanted.

After high school, Philomine moved to Boston where she worked at the YWCA and later as a civilian in the Navy.

In 1965 Philomine visited her sister Peggy in Southern California and fell in love with the weather. She went back to Boston where she packed up her bags and her cat Simba and moved to the foothill town of Sierra Madre. Philomine enjoyed her life in Southern California. She worked in the beauty industry, and loved living close to her sister Peggy, her husband Bob and their two children David and Richard.

In 1987 she attended her 35th high school reunion in Belfast. She reconnected with Ron Nickerson who she had gone to school with since the first grade. Ron, a widower, also lived in California. In December of that year Ron and Phil married and lived in Scotts Valley, Calif.

Ron retired shortly after their marriage, and they moved to Southern California and lived an idyllic life. They bought a fifth-wheel trailer and traveled the U.S. When they joined the Alpenlite travel club they met many friends with whom they shared many amazing adventures. During their travels they adopted a cat they named Missy who shared their fun lifestyle.

Each year they traveled to the East Coast where they stayed in touch with high school friends and much-loved relatives. Philomine enjoyed visiting her niece Susan (Kloss) Lanen and her husband Mark, nephew Martin and his wife Juanita and their daughters Jennifer and Angela, and nephew Eric, all of whom were her oldest sister Del’s children. Del and Eric predeceased Philomine.

Most recently Phil was delighted to hear the news of a new baby girl, Isla Naomi Taylor, born to her great-nephew Tristan and his wife Brittany in June.

When not traveling across the U.S., Ron and Phil enjoyed visiting with Ron’s three children Janet and Jay Moss in Seattle, Wash.; Nancy, Pat and Danny McCasland in Carlsbad, Calif.; and Ronnie and Jennifer Nickerson in Corvallis, Mont. Ron and Phil also spent a lot of time with the King family, Philomine’s sister Peggy, her husband Bob, David, Jane and Warren and Richard, Claudia and Ayana.

Philomine enjoyed spending time outside catching up with friends and neighbors. In all of the neighborhoods she lived in over the years she was always known as “Mimi” to the children of the neighborhood, and they loved to gather at her house. Their recent neighbors Andy, Marnie and Ellis Smith were a source of great joy to Phil. She will be remembered by the many people that loved her for her friendly smile and positive sunny personality.

She was deeply loved by her husband Ron and will be so very missed by her entire family and her many friends across the country.

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