Welcome to October. If you have a birthday or an anniversary this month, may you have a great day. This is the time to watch the leaves changing, the thermometer bouncing around like a ball, turning on the heat and getting ready for winter.

I want to let you know that because of so much sickness and bad events happening in town these past two months, the bean suppers and Hunters Breakfast this year have been canceled. Several people have passed way and saying I’m sorry is not sufficient but that is all we can do. May good memories and friends and family get you through this time. May everyone get well soon.

I have been out of commission since Aug. 25 with two major surgeries on my left shoulder, so have missed out on some of the goings on. Have received wonderful care from the doctor and nurses at St. Joseph Hospital and Tall Pines in Belfast and now the therapy. I want to thank you all for the cards, food, prayers and visitors. My church family and Pastor John from the Stockton Springs Community Church have given me much support, and most of all to my two daughters, Rosemarie and Lisa, for being with me through this all. I have been blessed.

I will not have a long column this week as I am trying to use both arms to type this and it is very tiring. I have missed doing the column, hope each day will get better. May everyone get better and will see you next week.