It’s officially bow hunting season, so it’s time to pull out the blaze orange and remember to practice extra caution in the woods from now until the end of November. I thought this would be a good time to highlight a local business here in Waldo.

Wilderness Creations Taxidermy is owned and operated by Josh Marcouillier at 240 Savage Road (in Waldo). Josh has been doing taxidermy for roughly 25 years; he started in high school working on his own deer and small game. At just 18 he got his guide license for hunting and recreation, and then at 20 added fishing to acquire a master guide license.

Josh is licensed in taxidermy for mammals, birds and fish. He opened his shop in 2003 and it quickly grew to a full-time operation. He specializes in mammals and game heads, but he still mounts birds. He said that bear, deer and moose make up the majority of the work people bring to him.

Bears like these are a specialty of Waldo taxidermist Josh Marcouillier.

Again, his shop is located at 240 Savage Road in Waldo. He’s usually there five days a week (more in November) and encourages any potential customers to stop by before hunting season; you can check out his work and talk about the best way to prep the trophy after it’s harvested.

Josh prefers to be contacted by phone at either 342-3333 or 322-6302. You can also visit his Facebook page: Wilderness Creations Taxidermy.

I’ve included some of Josh’s pictures in this week’s column. Enjoy the season, hunters, leaf peepers, hikers and locals alike!

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