With only one month ahead of us to Election Day, we must now research and determine who our treasured votes belong to. I have decided to vote for Stephen J. Hemenway based on policy and principle beliefs solely.

Jan Dodge is a lovely individual but her voting history does not represent what is best for the families and citizens of Maine. Jan sponsored LD 684 that supports schools over parents. LD 684 initially removed parental and guardian rights to watch or listen to academic instruction when delivered remotely.

Fortunately, the unauthorized persons, i.e., parents and guardians, language was amended in committee. If this had not happened, Jan would have removed your parental rights to involve yourself with your child’s academic instruction via the internet.

In January of 2019 Jan co-sponsored LD 434, an act to price/tax carbon pollution in Maine. This act would have raised all of our heating bills, which are already unaffordable. Jan should stop penalizing the people of Maine and assist them to seek more affordable energy sources.

Municipal, state and federal governments should explore all clean energy sources and seek affordability to utilize those sources.  Fortunately, this act, too, died in the House.

Fellow citizens of Maine, we must take our votes seriously and vote for the representatives who align with the best outcomes for today and tomorrow. Do your research on all incumbents before you vote.

This year I am changing my vote and voting for Stephen Hemenway for District 39.

Stephanie Guerry