So glad to get back to writing my column, have missed you guys. Therapy is going well but still have to use my left arm easy. Thanks for prayers, cards, visits — they really keep me humble and upbeat.

November is coming quick and remember the election on Nov. 8. You can vote absentee, in person before the election or just show up Election Day at the Town Office by the back door. All set up.

Sadly I learned last week that a girl that I went to grade school with passed away. She was a lovely, nice girl and after grade school, we went on to our future. Annie Kelley, may you rest in peace.

Walt and Pam Lashway are building a new home at the end of Moody Road and are having help from friends and relatives to get it up before winter. The same group also helped Travis and Melissa Orcutt build their new home next to Stewart and Cathy Parker’s house. It seems nice to see new buildings going up and wish them all a happy life in their new homes.

The nasty virus and colds are now making its rounds here in town and so the Community Club has canceled its last supper and Hunters Breakfast. May everyone get better, get your flu shot and get ready for cold weather.

May have more for next week but wish you a safe and happy days this week.