Here we are, mid-October. The wind is trying to free the leaves from the trees but thankfully they are still hanging on. As beautiful as October is, to me it also represents the end of the warm, vibrant months. I do my best to find things about winter to enjoy (cross country skiing is at the top of the list), but in a few weeks the trees will be bare and there will be no denying we are headed for the belly of the beast.

We went to Hooper’s Orchard in Monroe three times this season. Yes, three times! The last time was to pick my favorite apple, red Jonaprince, because it was finally ripe. Monty loved running the aisles of the trees, cider slushies, and the wagon ride.

A newly ripe red Jonaprince apple at Hooper’s Orchard in Monroe. Photo by Sadie Lloyd Mudge

This year we particularly enjoyed learning about different apples from the owner, including varietal details and breeding history and parentage. He’s a wealth of knowledge who clearly knows his apples, much beyond your classic MacIntosh, Cortland, or Honeycrisp. I imagine we will use him as a resource in years to come as we add more trees to our property.

A pick-your-own farm would be a great business to have in Waldo; it could be berries, or pumpkins, or apples, or even sunflowers and tulips!

My husband Sam and my dad finally got the chimney cleaned after two attempts. It sounded like the house was going to fall down from inside. Every year it seems to get a little more wonky, so we will have the chimney above the roof line rebuilt in the spring. For now we are ready for the first fire.

Driving down the back roads of Waldo is like cruising through the cover of Downeast magazine. Enjoy it while it’s here; we are lucky to live in such a beautiful landscape.

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