BELFAST — The city of Belfast has beautiful tree-lined streets. Learn about them Monday, Oct. 17, in a short, informative program,  GreenStreets! at the Belfast Free Library.

A presentation about past and present Belfast street tree planting, protection, and advocacy along the streets and public spaces will begin at 6 p.m.

Since 1980 GreenStreets! has been planting and caring for trees all over Belfast neighborhoods from the East Side to outer Main Street to the waterfront, in city parks, on private and public property, school yards and cemeteries, court houses and fire houses. GreenStreets! has planted many hundreds of the trees we pass by every day.

Trees, the Opera House and banks on Church Street pictured in an antique postcard. Courtesy of Mike Hurley

The presentation will include a short history of street trees in Belfast, how GreenStreets! came to be and what it does today, which trees and where have they been planted, Belfast’s tree ordinance, the tree warden’s job, city tree planting, how our trees are protected, the latest inventory of street trees, what does the future look like, and how can we help plant, care and advocate for public street trees.

GreenStreets! hopes to educate the public and attract new members and supporters in its mission to plant, protect, care, and advocate for public trees.

Another view of the trees along Church Street, Belfast, in an antique postcard. Courtesy of Mike Hurley

If you value street and public trees and would like to learn more about how they find a home, are cared for, and how to advocate for the trees, join your neighbors in the Belfast Free Library Abbott Room at 6 p.m. Oct. 17. For more information, call Mike Hurley, 338-1975, or email

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