BELFAST — The Planning Board approved a use permit Oct. 12 for a medical marijuana caregiver retail store to be located at 33 Front St.

The applicant for the store, Jayson Emrich, said he wanted the business to be community-based and utilize local farmers as much as possible. Emrich said he has also recently purchased a small farm in Waldo for the production of marijuana.

According to the application, the store will be open seven days a week between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., with up to three employees.

The only issue discussed at detail was the requirement for an Americans with Disabilities Act parking spot for the facility and the necessary signage. There was also some discussion about parking places generally, but City Planner Jon Boynton said he wasn’t too concerned with parking accessibility as there were numerous spaces near the building and the type of business is not one with heavy traffic.

Following the approval, the board discussed conflicts of interest, generally when and how members should recuse themselves from consideration on permit approvals and site plan considerations. The board decided that in general is has handled recusals in a professional and open matter, but members wanted to clarify some specifics with respect to recusal.

During the discussion, the board voiced approval for members being able to express their own concerns with respect to recusing themselves from matters, while also allowing applicants to suggest possible conflicts, with the goal that the board will err on the side of recusal to assure a fair handling of presentations made before it.