New England Patriot’s quarterback Mac Jones suffered a high-ankle injury in a game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sept. 25. It was later determined that it was a severe sprain, which potentially could have, and may still in the future, lead to surgery.

However, there is a possibility it may not and Jones could see game time again this season, perhaps even soon, when healthy.

That leads the MaineStay Media/VillageSoup sports staff to ask, in its latest poll: When Mac Jones is healthy enough to return to action, should he or Bailey Zappe be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots?

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In a previous poll, readers were asked: Should the Boston Celtics trade Jaylen Brown (among, perhaps, other players) to the Brooklyn Nets for Kevin Durant?

Ninety-four-point-one percent said no way, Durant’s best days are behind him and Brown’s best days are ahead of him. Celtics would be crazy to make this deal. Another 2.9 percent said yes, as long as the trade includes Brown and no one else. Two-point-nine-percent said yes, it was a no-brainer. Durant is a top-20 all-time player, multi-time champion and mostly unstoppable scoring machine. He will take pressure off Jayson Tatum and he will help get Celtics over the championship hump.

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