SEARSMONT — Searsmont Town Library, 37 Main St., hosts a new art exhibit and opening for Rockport painter Kathy Gass Friday, Oct. 28, from 5 to 6 p.m.

The show, titled “Transitions,” features 25 works and is described by the artist: “This is the first show since college and it spurred a body of acrylics inspired by a photograph taken off the bow of our sail boat in which shadows and light created a dance of shapes. Our dear friend and master marine illustrator Sam was in the midst of his journey from our world which held my heart and steered my mind toward essential line and form. The pandemic too shaped my eye and color choices. A time [in which] we all faced a journey into the unknown.”

Many of the works were painted plein air and Gass uses a variety of media – watercolor, oil, fiber, acrylic, clay, pencil – to produce different styles, from realism to more representational forms.

“Each summer, I return to favorite places and memories. I am learning about ecology with each study. Some of my work focuses on the relationships between flora and fauna. In some ways, my studies reveal a growing understanding of my role in this system,” Gass said. “This is also true in my work with students helping them discern the world they are taking in, finding meaning and determining agency within it.” Gass is a teacher at RSU 71.

Most works are for sale and will hang in the library until Dec. 10.