Oct. 20, 1836

Fire—great destruction of property by fire.—Thirteen Thousand Dollars of the Waldo Bank Bills, of this town, was utterly destroyed by fire, between the hours of 7 and 8 on Saturday evening last. ‘So much made by the Bank, outright—they will never have to redeem them,” says some one. True, they never will, for they had already done it. They were of the denomination of one’s, two’s and three’s, which the law forbade them to re-issue, and therefore they burned them.

Oct. 26, 1866

The old building on High Street, at the northern end of the Williamson Block, partly destroyed by a recent fire, is being taken down. It has been used in turn as a Custom House, dwelling house, school house, restaurant city rum shop, carpenter’s shop, and for almost every conceivable purpose. The property is owned by Arnold Harris, who will put up on the spot a handsome store, for the sale of clothing, carpetings, &c.

Oct. 26, 1876

On Tuesday evening the back door of Earle’s saloon, opposite Phenix Row, was forced and a lot of cigars stolen. Boys did it.

Searsport. The fine ship built this season at Searsport for Capt. Peleg Nickels, was launched on the 18th. Unfortunately the wharf settled, allowing the ways to spread, and the ship stopped with her stern on the flats and her bows on the wharf. She lay easily, without straining. The wharf was cut away, and the ship let down upon the flats for her whole length, where she will await the next course of high tides to float her. She will load deal at Bangor for Europe.

Oct. 22, 1896

Salmon for Swan Lake.  Some time ago Fish Commissioner Carleton promised Representative Littlefield a supply of young land-locked salmon for Swan Lake. Last Friday evening Commissioner Stanley arrived with 8 cans containing 1,700 fish from 3-4 inches in length, and John Sanborn was on hand to take them to the lake, where they were put in the water that evening.

Oct. 26, 1916

A new Burroughs adding machine has been placed in the High school for use of the classes in the commercial department.

Fred E. Littlefield of Waldo Station is building a trotting park on the level stretch of land between the station and the Littlefield store. It is one-third of a mile track and will be in fine condition for races early in the coming summer. The Littlefield family are lovers of horses and always have good ones in their stables.

The Society of Equal Rights will hold a social and baked bean supper at the home of Ezra Knowlton, Citypoint, tomorrow, Friday, night. All are cordially invited.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.