When the candidates Todd Boisvert (R) and Jason Trundy (D) debated in Searsmont Oct. 12, it became crystal clear that the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office needs fresh blood, which equals Todd Boisvert!

It is very interesting that Jason Trundy and his “old boys” network do not explain why he decided to turn Democrat. Is it because he does not believe in the Constitution? Is it because he believes in defunding the police and letting crime and drug dealing (already at an all-time high in Maine) run rampant? And what about his cronies? Have they given up their conservative beliefs, too, by supporting the new Democratic Jason just because he is “local”? Do you really want to reelect a sheriff who calls his department a “dysfunctional family”? I sure don’t.

Todd actually brings a constitutional vision to the Searsport Police Department. He will translate that to the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. Staff morale will no doubt increase as so many departed under Trundy’s reign.

Todd has over 30 years’ experience in law enforcement, 18 of which have been in leadership roles. He has run a jail; he has FBI National Academy training and a master’s degree in criminal justice.

Todd has done wonders in Searsport investigating corruption and creating local relationships. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran and a Christian who believes in the United States of America, Maine and Waldo County.

We don’t need the “old boys” network and their flip-flop political agenda. Vote for Todd Boisvert on Nov. 8!

James Dux