The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 6, 2022, through Oct. 12, 2022, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Lana Savage to Terry J. Desmond.

Zaven Koltookian to Zaven Koltookian Living Trust.

Eugene H. Bonney Irrevocable Administrative Trust to Tanner Gobeil and Molly McGinley.

Glenn Edgar Hills Est. to Carole Force.

Mary Anne Driscoll to David D. Powers and Sarah K. Powers.

Christopher Ritter and Jordan Wilbur to Graham C. Burford.


Aaron Seton Carmichael to Janice B. Carmichael Living Trust.

David E. Walker to Jessica A. Walker.


Lori Kay Weaver to Corrie Borges.


Kendall H. Call and Vicky B. Call to Sarah M. Brouillet, Zachery M. Brouillet, Linda L. Montgomery and Michael R. Montgomery.

Michael S. Langeluttig to Justin Joseph Boudreau.


Douglas F. Schmidt to Land Investment Inc.

Robert Moleon and Douglas F. Schmidt to Land Investment Inc.

U S Bank National Association and Jane Reagan to Margaret M. Long and David P. Staples.

Richard K. Robertson Est. to Rhonda A. Robertson.

Richard K. Robertson Est. to Rhonda A. Robertson.

Richard K. Robertson Est. to Gary McIntire and Jane L. Robertson.

Richard K. Robertson Est. to Rhonda A. Robertson.

Richard K. Robertson Est. to Gary McIntire and Jane L. Robertson.


Daniel V. Leach to Daniel V. Leach Revocable Trust.

Marilyn J. Hennessey to Jeff Lindelof.


Michael Lemieux and Robin L. Lemieux to Mainely Land LLC.

Jamie L. Peaslee and Kelly J. Peaslee to Brandon Bell-Colfer and Sharon Bell-Colfer.

Melik Peter Khoury to Thomas Helma and Jeanne Helma.

Hazel R. Kopishke to Matthew Kopishke and Heidi Kopishke.


Marilyn Caron Thorell and Marilyn L. Caron to Cheryl Ann Milner, Laurie Ann Caron, Ashlie Caron Staples Witham, Carrie Ann Milner, Abby Lee Milner and Alvin Travis Milner Jr.


Sandra J. Place to Sandra J. Place Living Trust.


Gregory Kilgore and Elena I. Nechepurenko to John Flanagan and Melissa Flanagan.

Bruce D. Snider and Elizabeth S. Snider to Kelly Soraya Provost and Drew Alex Provost.

Priscilla V. Granston to Kathleen Paul and Norman Paul.

Franklin A. Field III Est. to Franklin A. Field IV and Karen Field.


Richard L. Alling to 278 Walker Road – RLA LLC and Two Hundred Seventy Eight Walker Road – RLA LLC.

Stockton Springs

Daniel J. Ford to Kassandra E. Moore and Russell J. Moore.

Dawn Ewen and Dawn M. Ewen to Kathleen E. Swanson and Scott L. Swanson.

VRMTG Asset Trust, Donna J. Thompson and US Bank Trust National Association TR to Stone Road Corporation.

Stone Road Corporation to 140 Mt. Ephraim LLC and One Hundred Forty Mt. Rphraim LLC.

Elinor Anne Spencer Living Trust to David Leavitt and Jessica M. Leavitt.

Jean White and Howard White to Ronald & Anna Weston Revocable Living Trust.


Philip T. Hickey to Aaron M. Cross and Cassie L. Cross.

Ryan P. Floyd to Lisa Fasanella.

Dennis E. Roberts III and Denise L. Roberts Dusoe to Patrick Albert.

Wesley C. Daggett and Ann M. Daggett to Bruce Osgood and Laurie Osgood.


BRD LLC to Jeffrey G. Kingston Sr. and Bridget Kingston.


Michael J. Macki to Jacob R. Mudgett.

Nacie A. Bowerman and Eugene E. Bowerman to Bowerman-Shedyak LLC.

Juanita Reynolds to Lana Rae Savage and Michael David Savage.


Town of Waldo to Hollyann Wark Est.

Hollyann Wark Est. to Mary E. Romaine and Jason E. Rose.

David A. Thompson to Candia Hitchcock.


Robert H. Carter and Barbara A. Carter to Jessica L. Carter and Benjamin Wright.