BELFAST — Ryan Casper of Searsmont is the featured guest artist at Local Color Gallery, 135 High St., for the month of November.

Casper practices the 19th century Japanese art of gyotaku, fish printing. He brushes Sumi ink made of pine soot and water directly onto the surface of a fish, then presses a sheet of Washi (Kozo) paper made from mulberry bark onto the inked surface to produce a fish print. Casper’s gyotaku prints feature bluefin tuna, mackerel, steelhead salmon, Atlantic longfin, squid and crab. He also creates nature prints that include two different kinds of giant scallop shells, giant sand dollars, maple leaves and sea grape leaves. Casper makes his own frames out of salvaged barn wood.

Casper is a self-taught artist. Originally from Florida, he gets inspiration from his travels and his interactions with other craftsmen and artists, including Dwight Hwang and Elena Di Capita, both renowned gyotaku printmakers. Casper’s other mediums include wood carving, wood working, drawing and painting.

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“Bluefin Tuna Tail,” Sumi ink on Washi paper by Ryan Casper.