My apologies for no column last week. The work week was hectic and Friday was devoted to attending a pre-wedding reception in Farmington. One of my college roommates got married on Titcomb Mountain on Saturday, almost nine years to the day and at the exact same spot, that he and his now-wife had their first date.

Catherine and I had a blast catching up with some of my old college friends. We also enjoyed being away from Sophia for the first night since she was born. We dropped her off in Lewiston to spend the night with Catherine’s mother. We missed our little gremlin but apparently the feeling was not mutual as Sophia had a perfectly fine night away from us!

Sunday morning we groggily left our Airbnb and drove 2 1/2hours to Bar Harbor for the tail end of the second annual family gathering. My uncle came in from “the other Portland,” and New Jersey cousins drove up. Catherine and I were able to spend Sunday afternoon with them.

Remember that Election Day is Nov. 8. I for one am looking forward to getting rid of all the yard signs that litter our roadways. I can understand one in a private property front yard, but what value are lines of yard signs along a public route? I assume the same person places all of them, so I do not assign much value to sign volume.

The Charter Commission is almost done with our first rough draft pass at a Freedom-specific charter. Next steps will be to do a second read-through, then solicit opinions from corroborating sources. We intend to present a final draft charter for the town’s adoption at the March annual town meeting.

Have a happy Halloween!