Penny Sampson of Unity has withdrawn her write-in candidacy for the vacant seat of Waldo County treasurer.

In response to an inquiry she sent to the Secretary of State’s Office, Sampson learned today, Oct. 27, that any wrote-in votes for her in the Nov. 8 election would not be counted. State law requires write-in candidates to file a “Declaration of Write-in Candidacy” no later than 60 days prior to the election, which was Sept. 9, and Sampson decided only this month to run as a write-in.

She was advised that, after an election, state law provides that the governor may appoint someone to the unfilled position of country treasurer.

The Unity Select Board chair, who has served as a member of the county Budget Committee since the fall of 2018, told The Republican Journal Tuesday that while she has “thoroughly enjoyed” that role, “I think I have more to offer in the treasurer role. Even though the treasurer has no vote per se, I would be providing input throughout the year, and not just during the three budget committee meetings per year.”

The treasurer position has been vacant since the resignation of County Treasurer Peter Sheff, which was announced in May 2021.

If elected, Sampson said she “would like to get out to the municipalities and help them understand how the county budget works and how it impacts them — and hopefully generate some more enthusiasm for the county budget process.”

The Budget Committee is supposed to have nine members, she said — three representatives from each of the county’s three commission districts — “and we’re down to eight because nobody wanted to take over from one of the other towns.”

“I’d like to generate more interest, some excitement for the municipalities to get involved in the budget process,” she said.

When Sheff resigned, he said the county treasurer position had become somewhat “redundant” since the county hired a finance director.

“The treasurer doesn’t balance the books and write checks any longer,” Sampson said. “I’m looking at it more as helping the commissioners throughout the year and working with the municipalities to understand the budgeting process.”

Sampson worked for MBNA and its successor, Bank of America, in Belfast from 1997 to 2013, first in the bank’s collections department, and then as a credit analyst. She was first elected to the Unity Select Board in 2014 and currently serves as its chair.

The office of Waldo County treasurer is listed on the ballot for the Nov. 8 general election, but no candidates are listed for that role.