FRANKFORT — Frankfort voters will be able to decide Nov. 8  if they want the town to opt into the state’s recreational marijuana ordinance. Resident Allison Decarlo brought the referendum forward through a citizen petition.

If approved, recreational and medical marijuana cultivation, manufacturing facilities, dispensaries and stores would be allowed in the town, regulated under the state’s current ordinance and standards.

Decarlo brought the petition forward because she and her partner, Alex Decarlo, are interested in starting a medicinal marijuana business in town, she said.

The town’s Select Board has issued no opinion in support of or opposition to the petition, Select Board Member Vaughan Littlefield told The Republican Journal. Select Board members are not trying to influence the voters, he said. They are waiting to see how many people turn out for the election.

Decarlo thinks the town could experience some economic growth by opting into the legislation. It could result in more businesses in town, she said. Many people in town use medical marijuana but have to travel out of town to access it. Having a medical marijuana business in town could benefit those who use it to treat ailments but do not always have transportation to other towns to get it.

When she was gathering petition signatures, she found a lot of people who supported the idea and others who did not, but everybody was respectful, she said. Some people expressed concern about possible odor and where stores and grow operations can be located, but she told them those issues are addressed in the state’s legislation.

A public hearing on the referendum was held Oct. 24 at Frankfort Congregational Church.