BELFAST — As the hazy Sunday afternoon sun wandered toward twilight, they began to emerge: ghosts, goblins, zombies, mermaid and superheroes … characters of every ilk. Many were scary, others comedic, with still others extremely creative. Young and old came dressed for the occasion, with all seeking the same sugary prize.

“Night of the Living Dead”? Perhaps another time. These costumed creatures were drawn to the Halloween Trunk or Treat hosted by the Waldo County YMCA on Oct. 23.

Belfast Police Chief Robert Cormier says trunk or treat is a great way for communities to take care of the community.

“This is just another example of all the great things we try to do in Belfast,” Cormier said. “It doesn’t cost anything, it’s a safe place to come for those who live in dark areas or dark streets. They can come out here and get candy, meet our first responders, and all the great businesses that set up their trunks here today.”

Waldo County YMCA’s Trunk or Treat drew over 1,000 people Oct. 23, including this crouching Spiderman. Photo by Jim Leonard

Dozens of local organizations parked and decorated their vehicles, or just a section of the Waldo YMCA parking lot, for the event. Mathews Brothers sponsored a haunted trailer while handing out taffy and chocolate “doubleloons,” and Waterfall Arts held a Great Pumpkin Pageant while over 1,000 youngsters scored candy under the watchful eye of parents (some dressed quite creatively themselves) and first responders. Over 200 volunteers assisted with the event. People from 24 of the 26 municipalities in Waldo County participated.

Among people from over 60 organizations participating in the YMCA’s Oct. 23 Trunk or Treat were these costumed “riders.” Photo by Jim Leonard

“The Trunk or Treat event symbolized why people think of the Waldo County YMCA as a hub of the community,” said Waldo YMCA Director Russell Werkman. “It was so much fun to see so many people from so many parts of our county. I love seeing us bring people together.”