I am an artist, community organizer, and a co-founder of Veggies For All and Waldo County Bounty — both food security organizations. I have known Chip Curry for over a decade through the Unity College community, as a neighbor, and by serving together on Maine Community Foundation’s Waldo County Fund advisory board.

In these settings and others, I have found Chip to be a consistently curious, gentle and thoughtful person. While the ability to listen compassionately and think critically are clearly his strengths — there is also something notable about Chip’s simple, strong willingness to continue showing up.

He has literally shown up to volunteer commitments, various community efforts, and service-oriented roles over many years. In the metaphoric sense, Chip has also “shown up” in tough conversations, in his willingness to learn and integrate new information, and in the seriousness with which he approaches public service.

I have no doubt that Chip will continue to “show up” to do the things I hope my senator would do: vote, work through conflict, engage in transparent dialogue, and put community first.

Sara Trunzo