We have two individuals running for the Maine Senate in District 11 who offer very different views of how we, the voters, should be represented. Both have established a record for themselves that should be a deciding factor when we vote in November. Character counts as well, along with experience in state government.

Having known MaryAnne Kinney for many years both in the community, personally, and by paying attention to her voting record, it is easy to report on her qualities: She is absolutely honest, forthright, personable and she keeps her word. Look at the record she has made as a member of the Maine House of Representatives promoting the interests of our farmers and veterans — she is on both committees. Her record can be found at https://legislature.maine.gov/house/ under Roll Calls. It is a list of votes looking after children’s education, reinforcing parental rights, backing first responders, and protecting us from the freewheeling spending policies of Chip Curry.

Do you have a taste for maple syrup? A visit to MaryAnne’s business, Kinney’s Sugarhouse, will validate her integrity (first class products) and business sense (a successful long running and expanding operation) — both of which we need in the Maine Senate. Yes, she is a hard worker and a community volunteer.

Please let these facts and comments help you to make a good choice in the coming election: MaryAnne. And help spread the word on an outstanding, sensible, supporter of our families and community.

Vote “Kinney”!

Philip G. Carthage