I am writing this in support of Jason Trundy in his bid to become the sheriff of Waldo County. I have a long history of working with Jason beginning back in 1995, when I became the victim/witness advocate in the District Attorney’s Office in Belfast. If my memory serves me correctly, Jason was also hired that same year as a corrections officer for Waldo County.

I remember the first encounter was a Superior Court trial in which Jason was a witness, and being impressed by the composure, integrity and professionalism he had on the witness stand.

The best quality that Jason possesses, in my mind, is his constant seeking to make things better — to strive to gain as much experience and knowledge in all areas and find ways to tweak things to make operations smoother or more effective.

Second, and maybe just as important, are Jason’s continued efforts to either create or join in many intra-departmental endeavors — specifically domestic violence work, drug and alcohol programs, aging population programs, recidivism, and other topics that can be worked on collaboratively among agencies though sharing information and best practices.

It seems to me that his expertise and experience can only benefit greatly programs that are already in place, while, at the same time, seeking innovative ways to make Waldo County a better place for us all.

Jason is, and has been for many years, involved in every aspect of each Sheriff’s Office department. He has taken advantage of every opportunity available to educate himself through training programs and was even a member of the FBI Training recently — which is a very exclusive and coveted training that is only given to a few candidates.

These are scary and turbulent times, and to have someone as qualified and as knowledgeable about existing programs is crucial.

On a personal note, Jason and his wife, Lorraine, have been active and devoted community members. Jason served on the Board of Selectmen in Lincolnville, as well as numerous other boards and duties. They have always been Waldo County people, caring for their neighbors and friends, raising their family, and working hard. I can also attest to the fact that Jason is super to work with — and I say, with, not for — as he is team-oriented, intelligent, and in short a very nice guy.

Kathy Cunningham