We have a stark choice in the midterm elections to determine whether America will abandon democracy in favor of authoritarian control.

If Republicans win the midterm elections, they will:

1. Abandon our democracy of, by and for the people.
2. Bend our institutions to totally control elections.
3. Guarantee election of a right wing demagogue in 2024.
4. Eliminate our civil rights and abandon the rule of law.
5. Privatize government services to profit the wealthy.
6. Change our laws and regulations to benefit the rich and powerful.
7. Abandon global leadership in favor of racist nationalism.
8. Do whatever else they want without any real opposition.

We know that because they have told us and already begun to do so.

If Democrats win, they will:

1. Protect our democracy and reject creeping authoritarianism.
2. Protect our free and fair elections and the right to vote.
3. Make sure Americans elect the legitimate winner in 2024.
4. Protect civil rights and hold people accountable under the law.
5. Improve government services for the benefit of all.
6. Build our economy from the middle class out to benefit all.
7. Retain our global leadership and international prestige.
8. Govern responsibly to move society forward.

We know that because they have already done so on many fronts the last two years.

I hope people understand the dire consequences of this fall’s election and get out to vote for the kind of country they want to leave their children and grandchildren.

David Estey