What happened to campaign finance reform? Countless millions are spent on innocuous TV attack ads and mass mailings. I guess the $3  donation box on tax returns takes care of it all!

I feel anyone who votes for a candidate based on a media blitz alone should not be allowed to vote. In the “old days,” people would have been paid to vote, given the millions spent. The implication is that who spends the most money wins! Time for a progressive third party! Remember Teddy Roosevelt!

Welfare is raising its head again. Welfare recipients will be demonized, with politicians promising to fix the problems that they created. Most people and most politicians could not name the six major welfare entitlement programs along with Medicaid and how they work or don’t work. Follow the money; the biggest beneficiaries of welfare are at the top. A prime example would be hospital CEOs and the former president’s son-in-law, who owns over a thousand Section 8 apartments and has made millions from them.

All the major welfare programs except the Veterans Pension program were started in the mid-1930s. The VA pension program goes back to the Civil War. All of these programs, with the exception of General Public Assistance and the VA pension, should be done away with. They should be replaced by a guaranteed minimum income with workable work incentives. People who survive by having several welfare benefits (like rent subsidy, food stamps, dependent child benefits, and SSI) that attempt to work “above the table” usually lose more in benefits than what they make.

The GDP/GNP smokescreen!  Any money spent on overseas goods is counted under GDP. Excuse me, what happened to GNP?

The Green New Deal! The tide comes in and goes out twice every day! My uncle was the yacht captain of the Army Chief of Engineers during the ill-fated Passamaquoddy tidal project. Should have listened to his stories. I have stayed several times in Florida on Hutchinson’s Island. In the middle of the island is a going-on 50-year-old nuclear power plant. It has been through several hurricanes and never had any problems while supplying power to a large section of the East Coast. If all the money spent so far on windmills and solar panels had been spent on modern nuclear plants, we would have all the power we need. And will the millions of solar panels be sold to China for scrap after their lifespan?

Lastly, have you noticed the difference in public service from our major federal agencies? Between the pandemic and infighting between our major political parties, congressional oversight of most federal agencies has been nonexistent. For one thing, federal agencies should be located in federal buildings for many reasons. Offices outside government buildings often pay exorbitant rent and have to hire extra security guards! (Along with not often being centrally located.)

Vote early and vote often! A Will Rogers quote, I believe.

Peter Clifford