As a parent, I am extremely concerned with what has been happening with regard to education in our state. The Maine School Management Association and Maine Education Association are working with Maine DOE to help the state government grab all local control. This is being fostered by the U.S. Department of Education with the help of the National Education Association to push a national agenda and federally capture public education.

The government’s tactic is to offer funding, while the associations act as resources for educators, administrators, legal references and school boards. The funding has strings attached and the associations are lobbying agents to legislators on matters infrequently matching the will of communities and parents.

While “everyone” has the best intentions, the children are the ones suffering. Test scores are down; behavior problems are up; teachers are leaving education altogether; social issues are front and center over a solid education; students are graduating completely unprepared and unmotivated for life. Administrators’ overzealousness often stretches into subjects meant to be discussed within families, which drives an enormous rift between parents and the school district. Until boundaries can be set by parents and respected by school districts, our children will continue to be harmed intellectually and emotionally.

Reagan Paul’s passion for giving families the say in how and where their children are educated is a breath of fresh air. If parents can’t trust their district to honor their values and focus on education, then they should be free to place their children in a school environment of their choosing and their tax dollars should follow.

I had the pleasure of meeting Reagan during my own campaign, and have heard her talk recently in Searsmont. Furthermore, she is my neighbor. She is true and sincere, and is someone who stands behind what she says.

Let’s send someone to Augusta to represent us, who is honest, will stand for parents’ rights, will stand against lobbyists, will say no to funding with strings attached, and who will work to return the focus of our schools back to skills Mainers can use. I completely support Reagan Paul in her run for the Maine House, and I hope you will, too.

Brooke Miller