I’ve been Heather “Betsy” Garrold’s neighbor for 25 years and I’m voting for her to represent us in District 38 because she knows what counts in politics. She’s a wonderful woman who truly cares about the people.

She’s done her share of political projects like the Right to Food Amendment in Maine, among many others. But for me, she has always been as helpful as she can possibly be for anything we need her for and has always been helpful for others. She would do anything she possibly could to help Maine people.

Once when I had a medical issue, she took me to the hospital. Then, when I was recovering at home in the middle of winter, I got it in my head I needed to check on the chickens. It was midnight and I couldn’t get the door to the chicken coop open. Betsy appeared out of nowhere, realized I needed rest, and gently steered me back to bed. She’s calm, collected; I don’t know what I’d do without her.

When we had COVID, Betsy bought us groceries, oil, and took care of us for a week and a half. I owe my life to this woman across the road. I could go on and on. She volunteers, she is a helper and will help the state of Maine with everything she’s got.

Karen Carson