I write to urge voters from the town of Brooks to support Sen. Chip Curry in the upcoming November election.

Chip supports property tax relief. Under the last four years of the previous administration, municipal revenue sharing for Brooks averaged $53,000 annually.  Under the first four years of the current administration, municipal revenue sharing averaged $132,000 annually.  Chip will fight to keep municipal revenue sharing at current levels.

Chip supports broadband internet access to attract business, help businesses grow and provide better access for education and health care. The future of Brooks and other small Waldo County towns is dependent on access to the information superhighway.  Grants are available now and timing is critical. Chip will work to make sure those on ramps are constructed.

I strongly urge voters from Brooks and Waldo County to strongly support a proven leader in this November’s election. Vote Chip Curry!

Ray Quimby