District 2 voters have a clear choice of who will represent us in Congress. We can continue moving forward by reelecting Jared Golden, who supports voting rights, reproductive freedom, veterans, expanded health care, Medicare, Social Security, infrastructure improvements, green energy transition, and environmental protection. The Jared Golden who continues to cosponsor bills that help our loggers, lobster fisheries, shipbuilding, and other employers. The Jared Golden who meets with constituents to hear their problems and explore solutions.

Or we can elect Bruce Poliquin, who is “pro-life,” supports big business and the fossil fuel industry, will not say Biden was legitimately elected, and has a history of dodging reporters. “None of the above” is not a choice.

I realize that many of us disagree with some of Golden’s votes, but he has supported many critical bills. He works across the aisle. He has voted with the majority over 80% of the time. And that majority has accomplished much in the past two years, despite Republican obstructionism.

If you see a difference between these two candidates, and I do, then it is important to VOTE, and vote for the one who supports Mainers. That is not Bruce Poliquin.

I know people who will not vote for Jared because of his stance on gun control or some other issue. If you think Golden is the better candidate, do not sit this one out. We need to send a clear message that Poliquin is the wrong candidate for Maine.

You may not always agree with Jared, but he has our backs. He deserves your vote.

Susan Conard